Acention – Donatello

2018 iOS & Android Game (Cancelled)

What is Donatello?

Donatello was the code-name for a video game made with Unity, planned to be featured on the Acention mobile app for iOS and Anroid devices, where users compete for real money. It was intended to be a co-operative and competitive online game in which players paired up to take control of their own pirate ship and battle dozens of other teams to sink their ships and take their gold. Sadly, Dontallo was cancelled when the Acention Digital team decided to shift their focus elsewhere.

What did I do?

I served as the game artist on the project, creating a unique art direction from the ground up in close collaboration with the team leads. My tasks involved creating an appealing and cohesive art style, all of the game’s models, textures, particle effects, and UI design. The only assets I didn’t create were the pirate ship models as they were purchased from the Unity asset store by the team leads for expedited development. However, I did heavily modify their textures to create several customized variants that could be unlocked by players.

What did I learn?

This was the second and final major game I worked on during my time at Acention. I learned a lot from the previous project, Highway Heist, and was able to transfer that knowledge to Donatello. This project pushed my skills even further, providing me with an opportunity to work with an entirely new aesthetic and giving me more creative freedom than ever before in developing the game’s art direction. I also learned how much it stings to have a project I worked so hard on be cancelled. It was a valuable lesson as I learned a lot about the realities of running a business thanks to an open and honest professional relationship with the team leads.